Business Phone Calls Ltd
Telecom Service Provider

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Business Phone Calls Ltd has been providing telecom services since the year 2000. Back then we only supplied one service - Cheaper Phone Calls. Today, we specialise in the latest technology Internet Phones, traditional Phone Lines, Broadband, Special Numbers like 0800 numbers and of course we still provide Cheaper Phone Calls.

We can arrange a working demonstration of our Internet Phones at your office. Internet Phones simply plug into your Broadband Router or Computer Cabling, so it's easy to show you a real live working Internet Phone Telephone System. They are sometimes called VOIP phones or IP phones but we prefer to call them Internet Phones.

Because they are so simple to plug in, you can easily install them in different locations. For example, for sales representatives that work from home or different offices or even in a different country.

Please take a look around our website then call us for more information on 0800 14 888 45 or 0115 838 9900