About Us

My name is Paul T Herbert - I'm the Managing Director of Business Phone Calls Ltd.
Let me tell you a little about Business Phone Calls Ltd and myself.

History and Background

I started in Telecoms in 1963 and ran a Telecom Company for 34 years (1966 to 2000). In that company we Designed, Manufactured, Sold, Installed and Maintained, Telecom Products. It employed over 100 people and operated as eight separate divisions .

Taking advantage of the change in the law, that allowed phone companies to compete with BT, we worked closely with Mercury Communications Ltd who were the first alternative telecom carrier. We were successful in winning the contract to design, manufacture and distribute the original 'Mercury Smart Socket'. This was a small white box that plugged into the BT socket and routed calls to the Mercury Network. We made large quantities of these and other similar versions for other companies both in the UK and Europe.

Using the products we made, like the Mercury Smart Socket, we set up a division to sell cheaper phone calls or "Least Cost Routing" as it was called in the early days.

Today these boxes are no longer required. Calls are now routed directly from the local BT exchange to the alternative Telecom Carrier by simply requesting BT to switch each customers calls to a particular Carrier. This service is called 'Carrier Pre Selection' (or CPS)

We also provided Special Numbers like 0800 Freephone Numbers, but these were very basic in the early days, with no special features at all.

In 2000 Business Phone Calls Ltd was formed to continue the success of this division.

Today, we're still saving money for our customers with cheaper Line Rental and Phone Calls, but now we do much more. We're really excited by the latest addition to the product range - our Latest Technology Internet Phones. They're brilliant and what's more with our self install option you can save on installation costs. We also have five separate versions of Broadband and a Special Number range provided by our Magic Whispers Service. This gives you lots of Special Features for Geographic and Non-Geographic Numbers.

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We're based in Nottingham, but cover the whole of the UK, with customers as far apart as Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cornwall and London.

Our philosophy has always been to provide a honest, friendly service with smaller bills, without sacrificing quality and value for money. We believe the success of this approach, can be seen in the number of referrals and recommendations we receive from our customers. Please visit our Testimonial page.