Internet Phones

We’re really excited by the most recent addition to our product range – our Latest Technology Internet Phones. They’re brilliant and whats more you can save on installation costs with our new SELF INSTALL installation option.

What are Internet Phones? – Well – In a nut shell – You use them in the same way as a normal phone, but the difference is, they plug into the Internet not normal phone lines. You can plug them directly into your Broadband Router or into your Computer Network Cabling.

Whether you’re looking for just one phone or hundreds  – if you have one site or many sites –  if you have Home Workers or even if you have people in different countries around the world, our Internet Phones will do all of these with ease.

T46 Web image

Our T46G Internet Phone




Phone Summary

Our favorite phone in the range is the T46G. It has 10 programmable buttons which are mainly used for internal extensions (with busy status) and for external speed dial buttons. The 4 buttons below the large full colour screen, change their function according to what ever your doing. For example there’s a large Call Log showing calls you’ve made, received or missed. From here you can easily press Send to call them back. There’s also a very large Directory where you can build a list of the people you call a lot. Once their name is in your directory it will show on the screen when they call.

Our Managing Director (who’s very deaf) says the best thing about this phone is the HD sound quality. It is extremely clear and the volume is superb. He no longer needs a special “Deaf” phone on his desk to hear.