Special Numbers

Magic Whispers

What is Magic Whispers? Well, it's really clever - in fact it's magic! It’s our Inbound Calls service for special numbers like 0800 and 0845 numbers and there's lots of features that can now be added to your incoming calls. The name Magic Whisper comes from the whisper message you hear before you answer a call. See below item 3 for details.

1. Basic Service with No Features (Calls 1 destination only)

The Basic Service can use special numbers such as 0800, 0845 or 0871 etc for your incoming calls. But it can also use normal Geographic Numbers or 'Out of Area’ Geographic Numbers. So you could, for example, have a Nottingham 0115 number in Derby. You can have several different special numbers, each with it's own individual Magic Whisper Service. All calls can be "targeted" to call you on any number. This could be a one single line or may be a mobile or even several different premises with lots of lines.

2. Basic Service with Web Based Changes and Statistics

If you need to make instant changes the numbers being called by your Magic Whispers numbers, perhaps to provide an urgent change to ‘out of hours’ cover for example, or if you need to see the call details in almost real time, you can have access to the our special customer website. You can see the number of everyone that has called you, including those that have tried to call you when you were busy and those that you were unable to answer. You see Date, Time, Duration and the callers number (Providing it has not been withheld)

3. Magic Whisper Announcement (to Called person only)

A Magic Whisper Message whispers in your ear before you answer the caller. This can be used for different reasons – for example: If you trade under different names – the Whisper can tell you which business the caller wants. This means you can answer the call with the correct name. Only you hear the Magic Whisper - the caller doesn't hear it. This works to any phone line including mobiles. This Whisper message can easily be recorded and changed by yourself if you wish or we can record it for you.

4. Welcome Message (to Caller)

A Welcome Message greets your caller. This can be your company name i.e. ‘Welcome to xyz – please wait while we connect you’ or it can be any message at all. This message can easily be recorded and changed by yourself if you wish or we can record it for you.

5. Voice Mail (With Automatic Email Notification)

If you are unable to answer a call or you are talking on the phone, the system has it's own Voicemail Service. The Voicemail Greeting Message can easily be recorded and changed at any time by yourself. You can listen to your Voicemail messages via any phone or on your computers speakers. The message is emailed to you immediately after it has been recorded.

6. Follow Me - sometimes called Hunting or Find Me (Tries up to 5 numbers)

This service is also called Divert On Busy and No Answer, but unlike normal divert, it tries up to 5 different numbers. Magic Whispers can try different numbers, one after the other, so if you’re busy or can’t answer the call is automatically sent to the next number in your list. i.e It can try your office number first, then your mobile, then your home. You can choose how long it rings each one, before trying the next. Or it can ring 5 numbers simultaneously.

7. Timed Hunting (Tries different numbers by date and time)

On different days and/or at different times your calls can automatically be sent to different numbers. i.e. For an automatic ‘out of hours’ service.

8. Missed call notification via email

If you miss a call an email is sent to you giving you the callers number. (Providing it has not been withheld)

9. Call Recording – Incoming and/or Outgoing

Call recording is two separate services on Magic Whispers – Incoming and Outgoing. You can record your incoming calls on any Magic Whispers Number. You can record selected outgoing calls by dialing a code before the number you want. An email is sent to you immediately after the call and you can play the recording over your computers speakers.

10. Call Queuing (i.e. You are 3rd in the queue)

If your line is busy your callers normally have to keep redialing. With Call Queuing, callers don’t redial they can choose to wait. To give them some reassurance they are told what position they are in the queue. i.e. You are 3rd in the queue.

11. Conference Calls

Several people can talk together in one phone call. This service can be used in lots of different ways. Say three people in different towns could have a conference call rather than drive to a meeting. Home works can all be briefed simultaneously with everyone sharing any feedback and questions.

12. Auto Attendant (Press 1 Press 2)

Auto Attendant - Sometimes called Automatic Operator - Call Centre Software - IVR - Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that. What ever you call these systems they're all much the same - or are they? Well no they're not. Most work within a phone system. So Press 1 for Sales Press 2 for Accounts simply sends calls to an extension on a phone system. Our Magic Whispers Automatic Attendant works in a completely different way. It works remotely from your premises, so you don't even need to have a phone system. It can still direct calls to your Sales Department or your Accounts, but it can also send calls to different premises as well.

One example is a company that has four different Garden Centres and didn't want to advertise four different phone numbers. So they advertise just one 0800 number and use our Magic Whispers Automatic Attendant which says Press 1 for Nottingham Press 2 for Derby.........etc

13. Auto Attendant with Call Queuing

Same as Auto Attendant above, but with Call Queuing above.

14. Fax to Email

In place of having a fax line doing nothing 99% of the time, we offer a fax service that delivers faxes to your email address as a pdf attachment. The sender sends their fax in the normal way.

15. A Virtual Telephone Answering Machine with a difference

Extremely easy to use
It takes messages when your line is busy as well as when you can’t get to the phone.
It emails you the message, so you just click the message attachment and play it over your computer speakers.
It emails you Missed Call phone numbers
You can pick up messages remotely, when you’re not at your computer
You can easily save important messages on your computer
You can record your own greeting message
How does it work:

Whenever your line is busy or you can’t get to the phone, calls are diverted to the Magic Whispers service via a special number using the standard Call Divert service. So you don’t have to be a customer of Business Phone Calls phone service, it will work on any line that has Call Divert. BT lines, Virgin Cable Line and any other phone company.